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Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Dashingly Different

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Dashingly Different
Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Dashingly Different

Top 7 MakeupDupes

Why splurge when you can save? Most girls have no problem dropping bills on their favorite makeup products and sadly we know, that things add up quickly while shopping at Sephora. From items from primers to highlighters, there are plenty of items to invest in for a stronger overall makeup look. As many makeup products are simply a solution produced & branded by a certain makeup maven, there are many competitors that often replicate the exact product or something wildly similar to match their competitor. Why pay a pretty penny unless you really want to? We’ve collected our Top 7 FAVORITE drug store dupes you can find to replace some of your favorite top-notch beauty essentials. Enjoy! Be sure to share the secrets with this post.

1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner ($20) vs. E.L.F. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($2)

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Eye Liner

Our favorite dupe of all time has to be Stilla vs. E.L.F. challenge! Not only do we enjoy the sizable difference in the E.L.F. product, but how awesome is it to think you could find makeup essentials at Target for less than a quarter of the price you’ve been spending at your favorite beauty store? In fact, the Stilla tip isn’t as precise & flexible as it’s competitor. Although Stilla does produce quality product at a decent price – choosing the E.L.F. waterproof pen is not only beneficial for your wallet, but also you’ll never be able to tell the difference.

SAVED = $18

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer ($42) vs. E.L.F. Blemish Control Primer ($6)

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Blemish Control Primer

These two thin primers are similar in appearance, ingredients, scent and texture but those are not features to be fooled by! While many products simply replicate their competitors, is it likely that the product even works as well? Both products contain 2% Salicylic Acid which are aimed to increase cell turnover and aid in keeping pores clear of the terrible wreckage and debris that cause breakouts. We love this dupe because they both also contain small amounts of silicone and glycerin, which focuses on helping your makeup stay in place throughout the day.

SAVED = $36

3. E.L.F. Essential Hypershine Gloss in Flirt ($1) vs. Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot ($22)

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Light Pink Gloss

This is essentially a steal – literally! We love this extremely flattering peachy-pink because it looks lovely and light enough for any skin tone while still setting you apart from the crowd. Although there isn’t much product packed into the ELF pen, priced at only $1 you can buy as many as you desires.

SAVED = $21


Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Mascara

One of Sephora’s top selling products currently on the market, every girl you know has tried this popular product by makeup moguls Benefit. The top selling ‘They’re Real’ mascara is widely known for it’s unique brush that brings any length of lash or condition to life with no effort. What girl doesn’t love that? With a similar brush shape Maybelline’s Rocket Mascara is a pretty close alternative for less than half of the price. It’s hygienically healthy to replace your mascara every 2-3 times a month, why spend more if you don’t have to?

SAVED = $19

5. Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Foundation Stick ($12) vs.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick ($50)

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Foundation Stick

Although the Bobbi Brown collection has been a makeup maven since 1990, what if there was a better and less expensive solution out there? This product is perfect for touch ups or on-the-go spot coverage. Seeing that this foundation is a go-to essential that you will likely run through pretty quickly and will only be using to spot treat, why splurge on the formula if you don’t have to? We love the PhotoReady Insta-Fix Foundation Stick by Revlon due to it’s long wear, moisturizing and oil control ingredients that seem to work almost BETTER than Bobbi Brown. Shocker, right?

SAVED = $38

6. YSL Touche Éclat ($40) vs. Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighter ($5)

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Concealer

Want to rid dark circles & have luminous skin for the day? YSL’s 20 year old classic Touche Éclat concealer is one of their top selling products over the years so it must be grand right? The only difference we discovered between the YSL & Maybelline was the difference between the variety of shades offered and the packaging. We’ve found that the YSL concealer lacked a bit in coverage and non-caked creases, while Maybelline provided all the support to step out with confidence.

SAVED = $35

7. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner ($20) vs. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Liner ($7)

Top 7 Perfect Drugstore Makeup Dupes - Concealer

Not only do these two products come in slightly almost identical colors, an item like lip liner attains it’s points depending on how long it lasts & of course how well it blends with lip color. Seeing that these products are so similar and have such a minimal use, the Rimmel London lip liners are a tad lighter in constancy and texture, which is often preferred when working with multiple lip products. Although the Smashbox Always Sharp lip liner has the brand name attached to it, there really is no noticeable difference between the two.

SAVED = $13

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