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STEM Resource for Primary Grades - More Than a Worksheet

STEM Resource for Primary Grades - More Than a Worksheet
STEM Resource for Primary Grades - More Than a Worksheet

STEM Resources for Primary Grades

Many teachers have asked about STEM resources for the primary grades, kindergarten, first, and second. Most of my experience is with grades 3-5. The little ones scare me a little bit

But, I thought I would compile a collection of STEM and STEAM resources that can be used in the younger grades. I plan to update this list as a I come across new resources, so be sure to bookmark or pin it so you can come back to it!


Science Sparks

AMAZING resource! There are a ton of activities for the Prek-K through first crowd. Lots of pictures, too. I found many ideas for my own son. Definitely one of my favorite sites!

There is a wealth of resources on the science section of the PBS Kids site. They have several science themed shows like Sid the Science Kid and The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That. They also have an entire section devoted to Curious George STEM! The Zoom Science section is also worth checking out, although some of the activities are for older students.

Blog Posts and Articles:

What does STEM Look Like in Preschool and What is STEM Anyway? by TeachPreschool.org

This article includes tips, examples, links, and pictures of STEM activities with younger students.

STEM Projects in Kindergarten by Heidisongs

Pictures and ideas of a cool STEM project with kinders.

Free TpT Resources:

Save Sam with STEM by Get Caught Engineering

You’ve probably seen the cute pics of this on Pinterest. Sam is a gummy worm, and his life preserver is, well, a Life Saver. Students must save him from drowing after his boat collapses.

STEM Activity Challenge Jumping Bugs by Science Demo Guy

Students will design a bug and then make it jump with an Alka Seltzer tablet in a film canister. Fun!

Gingerbread Trap by Science Chick

A cute engineering challenges where students design a trap to catch that wily gingerbread man.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Engineering Challenge by Sarah Cachat

In this cute activity, students design a different vehicle for the pigeon in the story! They also write a letter to the author to tell him why the pigeon should drive their vehicle. Great ELA integration!

Ramp and Roll STEM Challenge by A Minute to STEM it

This is a simple but fun activity where students design a ramp and measure how far their object rolled off the ramp.

STEM Design Challenge My Most Magnificent Thing by Buzzing for Books

This is based on the book My Most Magnificent Thing, and students must design…a most magnificent thing! Requires students to think creatively!

Water Drops on Penny by Scienceisfun

This is a great introduction to the scientific process, and the included handouts look perfect for the little ones.

Other Notable Resources:

STEM Sprouts from Boston Children’s Museum

This is an excellent .pdf file full of ideas for different science topics. There is a sample preschool teaching schedule, ideas on questioning, and STEM activity ideas. Great free resource!

Do you have any favorite STEM resources for the younger grades? Share in the comments below, and I can add them to this page!

Happy STEM-ing!


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