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Simple Bee Study with Candle Making & Honey

Simple Bee Study with Candle Making & Honey
Simple Bee Study with Candle Making & Honey

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Earlier this winter, we were enjoying Coffee and Books… with a spoonful of our favorite local honey!

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The books we used for our bee study:

Whenever I plan a simple unit study like this one, I begin with fantastic books. Fortunately, there are oodles of wonderful bee-related reads on the market today. I think of our morning Coffee and Books as a conversation. Yes, I’m reading aloud to my children but we pause and talk about the books. If there is a question, I have my laptop handy. We can easily put the book down for a few minutes and pop on the internet to research the answer or to watch a YouTube video. I’ve found that so much learning happens when we start our mornings this way.

Here are the five bee-themed books that we selected:

The Beeman by Laurie Krebbs and Valeria Cis

The Flight of the Honeybee by Raymond Huber

dive down rabbit holes with my children and see where the adventure takes us. I am always amazed by the learning that happens when I just relax and let it take place! Together, we watched multiple videos featuring bees on YouTube, including her candlemaking post, I want to find some beeswax and get to work. The thing is, I know my children and they aren’t ready …yet. I know they would be interested in the process for a little bit and then they would wander off, leaving me in the kitchen all alone. I wanted to find something that would hold my children’s attention in the hopes that next year we can follow Jamie’s lead!

Fortunately, I found the perfect solution.

Simple Bee Study with Candle Making & Honey

This kit includes everything you need to design your very own beeswax candles. With this kit, you use beeswax sheets to roll and design your own candles. It is perfect for young children because there is no heat involved. This is a wonderfully fun, creative activity that works on those fine motor skills. The candles make great gifts, too. My trio used the leftovers to give a candlemaking lesson to their grandparents

Simple Bee Study with Candle Making & Honey

Sometimes posts sit in my drafts folder and collect dust. I start to write about a topic or an activity and then I am distracted by life and the post gets buried. That is exactly what happened with this post. We enjoyed this simple unit study months ago when snow was still on the ground.

But now, summer weather has arrived. The flowers are blooming and the bees are everywhere. I’m delighted to report that my children have been fascinated watching the bees on the flowers in our yard. They have talked about bee dances and the pollen baskets on their knees and pollination of flowers. Recently, they enjoyed another bee study in the nature class that they attend. They learned about bees, beekeeping, and enjoyed tasting local honeycomb.

Last week, we enjoyed a simple pond study and afterward we returned to our backyard with our Nature Explorer Packs and watched the bees in our yard. It was such a peaceful afternoon.

Bees are no longer frightening to my children. Instead, they are fascinating. We have decided to celebrate this change by enjoying a family movie night together this week. What will we be watching, you wonder?

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