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Seed Jar Spring Science Experiment Plant Growing

Seed Jar Spring Science Experiment Plant Growing
Seed Jar Spring Science Experiment Plant Growing

Seed Jar Science Experiment Spring Science Growing Activity

Seed Jar Science Experiment

I first saw this awesome seed germination activity done by How Wee Learn and realized I had everything I needed to set it up that very day! I thought it looked like an awesome way to see how a seed grows. We also enjoyed the book, How A Seed Grows by Helene Jordan which inspired another seed activity with eggshells! This seed jar is so easy.

Quick Seed Jar Science Set Up

Our seeds included sunflowers, peas, and green beans!

We used paper towels to fill our jar and folding them up and pushing them in was also great work for little hands. Simple science is great for fine motor practice. We watered our seed jar but didn’t flood it. I carefully pushed seeds down into view and made sure they were snuggly placed. I mixed it up a little by adding three different kinds of seeds, sunflowers, peas and beans to our seed jar.

Seed Jar Set Up

Seed Jar Science Experiment: Things To Look For

This type of activity makes a great Spring STEM project for multiple ages.

What are we looking for?

  • looking for a root to pop out of the side
  • looking for root to push down into the soil
  • looking for root hairs
  • looking for the seed to push up while the root hairs push down
  • looking for shoots to come up

Seed Jar Liam Observing Seed Growth

The mason jar gives a stunning view of this experiment! My son loved being able to see the changes so easily. Do you know you can also grow crystals in mason jars for a fun science activity!

Seed Jar Science Experiment: Observations & Findings

We started this experiment on April 8th and within a few days started to see some exciting things. It was also interesting to talk about what was happening with the different seeds and how they changed over the duration of the experiment. We went away on the 18th and came back to a cool sight.

sunflowers were the fastest to pop a root but never made it out of the jar

beans took the longest to pop a root but finally did and made it out of the jar

peas grew rapidly once root popped out and grew the tallest

Seed Jar Start


Simple Beginnings with the sunflower seeds! Then the pea and lastly the bean! Took about three days here to see some action with the seeds!

Seed Jar Starting To Grow 1

Amazing to see the pea take off once the root popped out!

Seed Jar Growing 4

My son enjoyed telling me about the root hairs he could see everyday! So fun to see it flourish and check out the results! It’s a must try, at home or in school science activity!

Make an easy seed jar for kid’s spring science learning!


Original article and pictures take http://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/seed-jar-science-experiment-kids/ site

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