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RESCUE Yourself With a Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe

RESCUE Yourself With a Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe
RESCUE Yourself With a Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe

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Let's talk about something that I know affects all of us: Stress. Whether it's bad stress or good stress, it affects us mentally and physically. I know that when I'm stressed, I get very tired and very grumpy. I'm just not a good wife, mother, or friend when there's too much going on in my life. I don't want to be cantankerous, and I need some help to get back to myself.

I prefer natural remedies when possible, so when I knew I had to make changes in my lifestyle, I did some research. Here's how I get through each day with natural stress relievers.

Make Time For Yourself

Yes, I know this one is so obvious. But do you do it? I didn't. I knew I had to, but where would I find the time? I didn't find the time; I made the time. If I can make time to work and volunteer, then I can make time for myself. At first, I felt so guilty, but I know that getting a precious hour to myself really helps me destress for days. Some weeks I get my hair done or get a mani, but other weeks I take an hour to relax in the bath tub. See the bottom of the post for a bubbling bath salt recipe that you can make at home.

Plan Your Day

One of the biggest ways for me to manage my stress is to have a to do list. When I have more than a few things that have to be done in a day, I get overwhelmed. It really helps me to see exactly what I have to do and prioritize my time.

Get Enough Sleep

This is a really tough one for me. I'm a natural night owl, so I would be up all night and sleep until 10. I still have little ones that need to get up for school, so I'm up at 6:30 every morning. If I don't go to bed by 10, I'm a major grump the next day. It's okay to go to bed with dishes in the sink and mail on the counter. I promise they will be there in the morning for you to deal with.

RESCUE Yourself

Even when I get enough sleep, sometimes the deadlines on my endless to do list get to me. On those days, I'm thankful for RESCUE Pastilles. They are a homeopathic way to stay calm and reduce stress, and there are no side effects. Not only are they made with all natural active ingredients, but they have natural flavors and colors too. I keep them in my purse so I can use them as needed. RESCUE also has Sleep Liquid Melts and Pearls to help you stay calm and get a better night's sleep.

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Relaxing Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe

Do you want bath salts for the magnesium and health benefits or a bubble bath to relax? Now you don't have to choose.

Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe
Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe

What You Need


  1. Place the salts in a bowl.
    Add unscented body wash. I had some lavender body wash, so I used that. Do not use hand soap because it can irritate your skin.
  2. Add oil. I used olive oil, but sweet almond oil or jojoba oil would also work.
  3. Add two drops of lavender essential oil.
  4. Add two drops of food coloring if desired.
  5. Stir well.
    Spread out on a cookie sheet to dry for 24 hours. Stir every few hours to make sure it dries evenly and doesn't stick together.
  6. Break up any large chunks and pour in to a mason jar.

To use, add 1/4 cup bubbling bath salts to your bath and relax!

Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe
Bubbling Bath Salts Recipe

How do you manage stress in your life?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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