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Real Apple STEM Activities for Ten Apples Up On Top

Real Apple STEM Activities for Ten Apples Up On Top
Real Apple STEM Activities for Ten Apples Up On Top

Ten Apples Up On Top 10 Real Apple STEM Activities for Kids


The leaves are changing the apples are ready for picking and we have pulled out our copy of Ten Apples Up On Top! We have paired this awesome book with some equally awesome STEM activities for kids pre-k through 1st or 2nd grade! All of these activities can be modified as you see necessary to fit your kids needs. Plus these cool real apple STEM activities can be used in both a classroom and home setting. My personal favorite is that they are also inexpensive and use easy to find supplies. Make sure to click on all the links in red!


I love that we used real apples for our activities! If you plan to use the same apples for as many of the activities as possible, check out which ones use whole apples and do them first {apple gravity and apple balancing}. You may also want to have some inexpensive STEM materials on hand to go along with your apple projects.


Apple 5 Senses Science Activity with Free Printable

Explore the 5 senses with different varieties of apples. Tasty science with a free printable science sheet to record your results for each apple!

Apple Senses Science for 5 senses Fall STEM

Does Lemon Juice Really Stop Apples From Turning Brown?

Watch a great youtube video on why apples turn brown and conduct your own simple science experiment.

Apple Science and Lemon Juice Experiment for Fall Science and STEM

Build structures! Be an engineer. Design boats and see if apples float! Can you stack ten apples up on top?

Apple STEM Challenges

Real life math! Check out pieces of an apple and explore apple fractions. Includes free printable.

apple fractions math fall theme activity with printable apple sheet

Learn how an apple grows from seed to fruit. Investigate and explore parts of an apple.

Apple Science Activity for Kids How An Apple Grows Fall Science

We had a little fun with this activity after Halloween since we had so much candy. Pretty crazy to see how much candy equals the weight of an apple! We used a digital scale and a kids scale for this activity. Plus you can see what else you can do with all that extra Halloween candy.


One of our most popular fall and apple science activities. Once we tried the awesome pumpkin-cano, we knew we had to try and apple-cano version. If you don’t want to waste an apple, you can grab a very bruised apple at the orchard or grocery store. Super cool baking soda science.

Erupting Apple Science Fizzy Sensory Play

Take this one outside! Explore the concept of gravity, slopes, angles, and motion with a super simple apple gravity science experiment. Which apple will win the race? Why does one apple go faster than another.

Apple Gravity Science Experiment And Outdoor Fall Apple Play


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Real Apple STEM Activities for Ten Apples Up On Top


Build Lego Apples Fall Building Challenge

Apple Squeeze Balls Calm Down Balls Stress Balls for Ten Apples Up On Top

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