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Rainy Day Science - Teach Beside Me

Rainy Day Science - Teach Beside Me
Rainy Day Science - Teach Beside Me

Rainy day science- filtering rain water

We used two identical glass jars. On one, we put a coffee filter over the top with a rubber band to keep it in place. The other we left with no filter.

Then we put the jars out in the rain for about 24 hours. It rained all day and night. The next morning, I sent my son out (in the rain) to get the jars and see the results.

Filtered rain water science experimentRainy Day Science from Teach Beside Me

There was definitely a difference in the color of the regular water versus the filtered water. The filtered water was much more clear and looked almost drinkable, although my kids refused to try it! Would YOU drink it? I know I would if I were in need.

Filtered rain water experiment

We also noticed that the one with the filter had less water in it than the one without. This is likely due to water bouncing off of the filter, or the water that was soaked into it that didn’t drop into the jar.

measuring rain fall

My son also measured the water to see how much rain fell. We live in a desert state, so in a day we only got half an inch of rain. I talked to my kids about how when I lived in Florida we would get so much more rain than this. But here, any rain is a good amount.

We had lots of fun with our rainy day science experiments!

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