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How I Keep My Platinum-Blonde Hair Bright and Healthy

How I Keep My Platinum-Blonde Hair Bright and Healthy
How I Keep My Platinum-Blonde Hair Bright and Healthy

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A lot of my blonde maintenance takes place in the shower, with bright-purple shampoos and conditioners that deposit just a hint of violet to cancel out any yellow or brassy tones. This duo does just that—plus, it's superhydrating.

Forget that you just read the word "silver" in the name; this stuff's bright purple, too. The shampoo gives you that squeaky-clean feeling you crave if you've worked out or skipped washing your hair for a few days. Then the conditioner swoops in with a ton of moisture so your hair doesn't look dried out.

At $44 and $46 a pop, this shampoo and conditioner had better transform you into a princess from Frozen or Narnia, right? Well, they won't exactly do that, but they will leave your hair feeling rich-lady luxurious. The two have an amazing citrusy floral smell, are extremely hydrating, and also contain light reflectors to add shine and UV protection to help keep the sun from wrecking your color.

I prefer my blonde a bit more on the ashy side, so when I feel like my hair's turned too cool-tone, I skip all the hard-core purple products and use this silvery-lilac-colored combo to mellow things out.

This is the OG violet shampoo-and-conditioner duo. It's been around forever, it's the cheapest of the bunch, and it's a cult favorite of professional colorists because it tones in a take-no-prisoners kind of way. Like, your unpainted fingernails will be stained, as if they've turned purple from the cold, for a few hours post-wash.

Let's get this out of the way: "Cleansing treatment" is just a fancy way of saying "shampoo." This stuff's great for days when you only want minimal toning, like during the weeks immediately following your dye job.

This bright-purple glossing treatment is seriously strong (and it'll stain your tub if it sits there too long) so you'll only need to use it once a week. My ends actually take longer to absorb color than new growth at my scalp, so I apply it to my ends and then work my way up. Start by leaving it on for two minutes, and if you find you want a more dramatic effect, work your way up in two-minute increments.

If I had to use one hair mask for the rest of my life, this would be it. It deposits the right amount of violet color, immediately soaks into parched strands, and leaves your hair feeling amazingly soft. The directions say you can leave the mask on between five and 30 minutes, and I definitely leave it on for the full 30 when I use it, once every other week.

This superthick conditioner is made for control freaks: It has a dial that lets you adjust how much violet deposits into the conditioning formula.

Anytime someone asks me how my hair hasn't fallen out by now and looks so shiny, I tell them, "Shu Uemura Essence Absolue!!!" (Yes, with three exclamation points.) I've used this oil for five years, and truly nothing compares. As soon as I get out of the shower, I towel-dry and then apply it, concentrating on my ends. The brand also makes a cream version that's a little heavier (usually too much for my fine hair) and excellent for styling thick, curly textures.

If you're bleaching your hair, breakage is going to happen no matter how many conditioning products you use. That's where shine sprays come in. Many of them leave my hair looking matted and greasy, but if used sparingly, this one smooths unruly flyaways without making my hair look dirty.

Dry shampoo, which helps you skip washes and preserve your dye job, is a blonde's best friend. This one is my longtime favorite for how quickly it absorbs oil.

Olaplex, an in-salon treatment that buffers your hair from the damaging effects of peroxide, has truly reduced breakage and made my hair feel silkier. This mask is the at-home post-treatment. My review: It's seriously great at strengthening your hair. My colorist, Aura Friedman at the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon in New York City, encouraged me to wear it overnight on a Saturday and all day Sunday, and it was the perfect excuse for a lazy day at home.

A coworker introduced me to this line a few months ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. The line has everything you need to maintain and enhance your blonde, including two different types of shampoo, conditioner, a rinse, a mask, and dry shampoo, just to name a few. My favorites are the Brighten You shampoo and Nourish You conditioner.

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