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Ghost Science Halloween Activity Baking Soda Science

Ghost Science Halloween Activity Baking Soda Science
Ghost Science Halloween Activity Baking Soda Science


Baking Soda and Vinegar Science and Halloween Play

This season we enjoyed some great fizzy Halloween science play! We love checking out the reaction between the baking soda and vinegar. Each time we repeat this type of experiment we discuss a little more and remember a little bit more too about the science behind it all. Click here for the science.


Baking Soda



Googley Eyes

Ice Cube Tray

Bowl and Spoon for Mixing

Eyedropper or Baster


To set up this ghost science activity, mix approximately two parts baking soda and one part water to create a firm dough. It should not be watery or runny and almost a bit crumbly but packable/moldable. Fill sections of an ice cube tray, packing tightly. Push in two googley eyes. Place tray in freezer for a couple hours or even make into balls and use right away! Set out vinegar and an eye dropper or baster!

fizzy ghosts baking soda science bubbling cup

I like freezing the baking soda dough so that it lasts a bit longer! We even tried a frozen fizzing castle. Simple fizzy ghost science is very engaging for the senses! You can feel the fizzing bubbles, see the baking soda reaction, and hear the fizzing of the carbon dioxide gas that is created.

There is so much to learn with this baking soda ghost science activity! I love to use the holidays and seasons for learning themes! It makes it so much fun to repeat science experiments for practice and better understanding! We love baking soda science all year!

Fizzy Melting Ghosts Baking Soda Science Sensory Play

The end result of our Halloween ghost science activity, melted ghosts! His finishing touch was to dump the bowl of vinegar into the pan and watch it bubble all the way up to the top. Very cool sensory play! Once the fizzing stop, we counted all the eyes for a simple one to one math counting activity.

Not too creepy and not too spooky but lots of hands-on play and learning with common ingredients!


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