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Don't Miss These Indoor and Outdoor Winter Science Activities

Don't Miss These Indoor and Outdoor Winter Science Activities
Don't Miss These Indoor and Outdoor Winter Science Activities

Wonderful indoor winter science activities and outdoor winter science activities that kids will love to do. Perfect ideas to have on hand for those long winter days. Click picture to learn more.

Indoor Winter Science Activities

When the temperature is at 10 below and the wind chill makes it feel like 50 below zero, or when you can’t see the tree outside your window because it is snowing so hard and the snow is blowing around causing whiteout conditions – those are good times to stay in if you can! Here are some fun wintery indoor ideas to help pass the hours.

Making crystal snowflakes is an enjoyable project but keep in mind that it does require a bit of patience as they need to sit overnight.

Make melting snowmen! These baking soda snowmen are the cutest ever.

You can also make a crystal suncatcher which is very neat. I love how it looks!

Here is a melting ice activity with a colorful twist. Honestly, I just love this and would enjoy playing around with it myself!

If you have pine trees nearby or have access to pinecones you can try this neat experiment regarding what makes a pinecone open.

Are you looking for fun and exciting winter science ideas to do with your kids? Try these indoor and outdoor science activities and they will be thrilled.

Outdoor Winter Science Activities

Even though it gets rather cold here I know there are plenty of places where nice days abound. Thankfully we do have our share of nice winter days too. It is enjoyable to get outside and experience nature while doing a few really fun science activities that your kids will love.

Make frozen bubbles. Yes, you really can freeze bubbles. It takes a bit of patience but it is totally worth it. If your temps dip below freezing be sure to try this one!

I bet a lot of you have made a volcano from sand but have you ever done it with snow? We did the sand one many times but will have to put this snow volcano on our list of things to do for this year.

Explore freezing by making your own icy nature art. This is a bit of an outdoor/indoor/outdoor activity. Go outside to collect nature items, go inside to assemble and freeze, then back out again to hang.

Plan ahead and make up these colored ice stackers for some open-ended outdoor play. I included this in our science list because of what will happen outside when they melt and stick together. You could also include a salt shaker to add to the fun.

Got two seconds? Try this fun science experiment on a bitter cold day. Make snow!

Learn all about snowflakes with this annotated list of non-fiction books. Amazing & Beautiful Topic.

Here are two winter book lists you should check out as well: snowflakes and animals in winter.

Take some time to plan ahead with these indoor and outdoor winter science activities! Have a great time!

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