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Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Creature

Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Creature
Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Creature

This chameleon fits comfortably into a pocket or pencil case, won't make a peep during class, and is easy to take care of: It doesn't need food or water, and it never gets fleas. This creature is made by forming the head out of one pipe cleaner, then slipping a coiled pipe cleaner over it to create the body. For features you can use snippets of other pipe cleaners or of felt. Pipe cleaners were invented to clean the inside of tobacco pipes but, naturally, they'd rather avoid that sooty career, so they're extra loyal when given the opportunity to serve as pets.

  1. For the head, make a loop in the middle of a pipe cleaner. The size and shape of the loop determine the size and shape of the head. Wrap head from neck to nose.

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