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35 Magic School Bus Science Experiments and Activities

35 Magic School Bus Science Experiments and Activities
35 Magic School Bus Science Experiments and Activities

magic school bus science activities
35 Magic School Bus Science Activities for Kids

1. This Magic School Bus Chemistry Kit is perfect for some science fun with 51 awesome experiments!

2. Your kids will love Learning All About The Human Body with this kit that covers everything including digestion and lots of other information about the body.

3. Discover all kinds of interesting facts right under your nose using this Microscope Lab that includes another interesting adventure by Ms. Frizzle and her class.

4. Building is always a hit for kids and learning with this Magic School Bus Engineering Lab will be a lot of hands on fun!

5. The Secrets of Space are certainly revealed in this adventure through the solar system that is full of great facts.

6. The kiddos will really have fun learning all about The World of Germs that even has an option to test bacteria and fungi.

7. This All About Rainbows Kit is super fun with glasses, bubbles, and a rainbow spinner.

8. The Magic School Bus Jumping Into Electricity is super cool with a circuit board and a great game for understanding electricity.

9. This Diving Into Slime, Gel, and Goop Kit is so much fun for the kids with tons of hands on learning.

10. Take your kids back in time and use this Magic School Bus Back In Time With Dinosaurs to learn all about the prehistoric time period.

11. This Blasting Off With Volcanoes is super informative about how volcanoes operate an even includes real volcanic rock!

12. Explore All About Nature with scavenger hunts, site cards, and information on animal footprints.

13. Build lots of flying objects including parachutes, air spinners and paper planes with a Magic School Bus Soaring Into Flight Kit.

14. This Growing Crazy Crystals Kit is so cool and it includes a chart to keep track of the process.

15. Let the magic begin and learn the process of recycling and composting with this Going Green Magic School Bus Kit.

16. This Magic School Bus Weather Lab is full of fun facts about how the weather works and you have the option to create your own weather station.

17. This Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets has some great hands on learning for the attraction in magnetic forces.

18. Discover the properties of global warming, collect real carbon dioxide, and the greenhouse effect with this Magic School Bus Solar Energy To The Rescue.

19. This Magic School Bus Polymers and Slime Kit will be a hit if you have kids that love slime, goop, and other hands on mess.

20. This Magic School Bus Math Explosion Game combines both science fun and math facts plus its a hit for the whole family!

science experiments for kids

Magic School Bus Science Books

Here are the awesome books to read along in the science adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class!

1. Magic School Bus Inside The Human Body

2. Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System

3. Magic School Bus In The Time of The Dinosaurs

4. Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow

5. Magic School Bus and The Electric Field Trip

6. Magic School Bus Inside A Hurricane

7. Magic School Bus and The Climate Change

8. Magic School Bus: Wild Weather

9. Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor

10. Magic School Bus Inside The Earth

11. Magic School Bus Explores The Senses

12. Magic School Bus At The Waterworks

13. Magic School Bus Inside A Beehive

14. Magic School Bus and The Science Fair Expedition

15. Magic School Bus Gets Baked In A Cake

Are you planning something special for your science journey this school year? Share your ideas!

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