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15+ Inspiring Science Picture Books

15+ Inspiring Science Picture Books
15+ Inspiring Science Picture Books


We definitely found some new favorites here. I checked out a huge stack of these from the library. My fourth grader eagerly read Twenty One Elephants and also enjoyed Mesmerized. The twins, who’re now in first grade, looked through most of the stack. Juna’s Jar and Little Red Bat both captured their imaginations. Read on for the full list with brief summaries.

STEAM Kids Activity Book

Before I get started with my book list, though, I want to tell you about a fantastic new book. I was lucky enough to be accepted as an affiliate and get an advance copy of the STEAM Kids activity book. I’m in love! It’s packed full of creative ideas. We’ll be trying some here soon and sharing them on instagram.


One thing I really like about the book is how well organized it is. It’s also inspiring – my word of the day here. If I had to pick, my favorite chapter would be the one on Color. You have to see all the stunning art/science activities. Here’s a peek –

Source: STEAM Kids

Doesn’t that look like fun! I’ve seen a few of the activities before, but there were plenty of new ones too. And the book is so much easier to navigate than my bloated Pinterest board.

BONUS: If you buy the book in the first 7 days, you’ll also get a free STEAM Kids Halloween book.

The best deal is on the ebook (button above), but if you want, you can get a hard copy on Amazon takes the classic fable and turns it into an engaging lesson on the scientific method.

offers a fun, indirect way of teaching children how scientists make a new hypothesis when an experiment fails. If you’re a book-lover, you’ll love the ending, too.

as you might guess by the title, is a story about force and motion. Told in simple rhyme, a boy plays with his dog and points out how Newton’s laws affect them.

is the first in my favorite based-on-reality science fiction picture book series. In this one, Max the dog and his human friend get to go to the moon. As a bonus, the nonfiction sidebars are perfect for older readers.

shows preschool aged readers various rocks they may encounter both in daily life and perhaps only in books. Examples include fossils, rocks for skipping into a lake, sculptures, bookends, and mosaics.

books about Mars, and books about storms.

Science Picture Books about Organisms and Environments

is a notable new book about a boy playing hide and seek with an elephant. It’d be a fun way to open a lesson on animal camouflage.

follows a young bat as she decides whether or not to migrate for the winter. It’s told as a narrative with dialogue, and will draw kids into a lesson on migration, hibernation and dormancy. is based on the historical fact that P.T. Barnum paraded 21 circus elephants across the newly-built Brooklyn Bridge in 1884, in order to prove its strength.

, another classic, is more imagination than engineering, but it’s definitely inspiring to little engineers.

Whew! I had so much fun finding all these science picture books. I tried to think outside the box for you a little. I’m sure there are more great titles out there – I’d love to hear about your favorites.

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