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15 Awesome Science Experiments For Older Kids

15 Awesome Science Experiments For Older Kids
15 Awesome Science Experiments For Older Kids

15 Science Experiments for Older Kids

Science can be loads of fun. From creating contraptions and models to learning about the inner-workings of life… there are so many science experiments that can be done at home. {Please note: Adult supervision is always suggested with any science experiment}.

Simple Science Experiments for Older Children

  1. Explore Static Electricity with balloons, bending water, and electrifying gelatin.
  2. Test your engineering abilities by making a straw and rubber band bridge.
  3. Learn more about physics with your very own Egg Drop Contraptions.
  4. Explore the basics of light and color with experiments like bending, scattering, and comparing light.
  5. Make a bottle rocket using recycled materials.
  6. Use problem solving and predictions in a Lego science experiment.
  7. Develop the young chemist in you by exploring unknown liquids.
  8. Make concoctions and test chemical reactions with 5 simple fizzing experiments.
  9. Take your chemistry to the next level by making a mentos soda dispenser.
  10. Make your own smores in your recycled solar oven.
  11. Learn about the rock cycle by making an edible rock cycle.
  12. Learn about your own DNA with ingredients from your kitchen.
  13. Discover how sound travels and is amplified by making your own balloon speakers.
  14. Compare and contrast the viscosity of various liquids and the effect they have in a simple 2 ingredient recipe for cloud dough.

More Science Ideas:

Which one will you try? Have you tried something that isn’t listed? I can’t wait to hear! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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