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14 Catapults for Kids to Create and Experiment With - Fun-A-Day!

14 Catapults for Kids to Create and Experiment With - Fun-A-Day!
14 Catapults for Kids to Create and Experiment With - Fun-A-Day!

catapults for kids to build and learn with

ideas and activities for catapults for kids

In addition to being an exciting experience, catapults lead to so much thinking and learning! Fine motor skills, science, and math are just a few subjects that catapults help children learn about. Have you and your kiddos ever made one, or played with one? If not, here are 14 FUN ideas to try!

The Educators’ Spin On It created a trebuchet (a type of catapult) using a tinker box kit.

Therapy Fun Zone used clothespin catapults during a learning game.

We used a catapult to create art over the summer.

JDaniel4’s Mom used a coffee can to make a catapult.

Kids Activities Blog made an easy catapult with just a few materials from around the house.

Science Sparks experimented with elasticity while making a catapult.

Housing a Forest used a vintage clothespin and a spoon to create a catapult for packing peanuts.

Tutus and Tea Parties played a colorful marshmallow game using clothespin catapults.

Toddler Approved created a catapult out of pool noodles.

JDaniel4’s Mom put together an egg carton catapult.

3 Dinosaurs used cardboard tubes to craft a catapult.

Mama.Papa.Bubba shared directions for a kid-made LEGO catapult.

Frugal Fun for Boys built 4 different catapults from household materials, then used them to launch candy corn.

Child Central Station painted in the snow using catapults.

Which of these catapults for kids would you like to try out first? So many choices – I’m not sure I could narrow it down!

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