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10 Great STEM Gifts

10 Great STEM Gifts
10 Great STEM Gifts

electro dough kit

Another great find this year is this multicoloured volcano eruption

We love these great would be a great accompaniment.

Learning Resources

science activity ideas on the Lottie Doll website.

Butterfly protector Lottie

How about some fun spinning pens?

Drawing with hexbugs

This science kit

I’d love these magformers

We have this marble

We loved this would be great for older children.

primary science magnet set

LEGO is so handy for all sorts of experiments and great for imaginative play, logic, fine motor skills and just generally great fun! We love a big box of bricks as well as a themed set. are also great for building with.

The Super sorting Pie

We’ve also used this science-for-kids

Makey Makey is a fantastic easy to use kit for older children. Just don’t forget to buy the bananas too so they can make a banana piano.


Science Books

If you’re children love a good science book we’ve got some brilliant science book ideas here.

Which Science kits or equipment would you recommend? and what’s your favourite STEM gift to give?

Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Science Ebook too which contains 12 printable Christmas themed experiments.

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